Hello.  Welcome to the 10SBSIX web page.  We are a family band that is focused on Christian music.  We are glad you are here and are excited to share our journey of music and faith with you.  Our family loves music and we thank God for all He provides. 

Our hands, God’s work 

Came across some great folks from Kentucky this morning.  It is absolutely remarkable how people are called to bless others in need.  Many examples of this recently in response to flooding in Nebraska.  We thank you for offering your time and resources.  It is greatly appreciated and we pray for safe travels.  

Thank you LWML at St. John’s 

Thank you to the LWML at St. John’s in Waco NE for hosting us tonight.  We enjoyed sharing our music with you.  The salads and the fellowship were excellent.   A joyous time.

Psalm 86: Always 

Praising the Lord in church today with a new song we wrote. Matthew on the percussion box, Elissa on guitar, and Christian, Mandy, and Jillian singing. Video credits to Kelby. :)

Something New 

We have uploaded a new song titled "Something New".  Sometimes life takes twists and turns.  Maybe life doesn't go according to our plan.  But through it all we are reminded that God is with us, no matter how difficult it seems to be.   The reality is that God has a plan for us.  So, be open to life's "something new".  Hope you enjoy this song. 

The Box Studio Recordings 

Ok, we may be in transition for awhile, but that doesn't mean we can't still record music.  We are embracing this time period and have set up an ad hoc studio amongst the moving boxes.  Thus, we are going to title our second cd "The Box Studio Recordings".  God always provides what we need, and we are thankful for that.  One thing we are going to do differently this time is that we will release each song individually on our website as each one is recorded.  It should be a fun way for us to put together our second collection of songs.  Stay tuned.

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