Our Story

We are 10SBSIX.  Our story is still being drafted, and we don't know where the journey will lead us, but we trust in God's plan for us.  We are based in northeast Nebraska and enjoy writing and performing music.  We are excited to share our work with you.

Who we are

We are a family band.  My name is Matt and my wife is Mandy. We have four kids, two boys and two girls.  Both Mandy and I have included music as a part of our lives.  I started with saxophone in my youth and now I am learning guitar, bass, and drums.   Mandy has always enjoyed singing, and is known to sing in the car.  She is learning guitar and has been able to help others in learning guitar too.

The boys are Christian and Kelby.  Christian plays saxophone in school and is also learning guitar, bass, and piano.  Kelby is learning piano and drums.

The girls are Elissa and Jillian.  Both play flute in school and are learning guitar, bass, and piano.  They also love to sing.


How we got started

Even though music is something we have enjoyed individually for years, we really didn't start sharing our passion for music with each other until we all started learning to play the guitar.  The pastor at our church (Ron Nelson, now retired) offered to start a guitar group in which he taught us chords and technique.  This was a real blessing for us, as we all shared in the learning journey as a family.  This led us to practice at home as a group.

In January of 2014 we had been learning guitar for about a year.  One weekend, while visiting friends in Illinois, the idea of songwriting started to become reality.  I started writing the first song that weekend after attending a concert with Mandy.  From this point the writing has taken on a life of its own.


What is our group name

Our group name is 10SBSIX.  As music writing gained traction, we thought it would be good to organize our group so that we can share our music with others.  The name of the group is not something that has any kind of deep meaning, as we know that the reason we are embarking on this is for God's glory and to grow closer as a family by encouraging each other's growth in music.  After the writing started in early 2014, I issued a challenge  to write 10 songs by June of that year.  After the challenge was accepted, it was amazing to see the Spirit working in us, as the goal was surpassed.  Thus we decided to call the group 10SBSIX (ie. Ten Songs by June) to remind us of how God works through us to accomplish new and challenging things that are outside of our comfort zone.

Where are we heading

Where this will lead us is still to be determined.  If the only thing that happens is that we write and play music together as a family, it will still be a great blessing.  We hope that you enjoy the music that we share and find God speaking to you in His way.  Thank you for your support and encouragement.  And thanks to Jesus Christ for going to the cross to restore our relationship with God.